The ancient akshaya has been around since the beginning of life and is widely believed to be the source of it. Akshaya has a shimmering, iridescent body that is constantly changing colors and patterns, and seven long tentacles that it uses to move and interact with its environment. Its movements are graceful and fluid, and it is often described as having an almost ethereal quality. This galactic creature is capable of communicating with any species through telepathy and can manipulate raw energy to form interdimensional portals, which allow it to travel quickly throughout time and space. According to legend, akshaya uses these portals to seed barren worlds throughout the universe with their very first lifeforms. It is believed that akshaya's portals lead back to wherever its home is — and that they're filled to the brim with every possible combination of life imaginable, meticulously hand-crafted with love by akshaya.

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