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#092 Arochngiap

Arochngiaps are sentient, blind masses of undeveloped meat found deep underground and in caves. They move slowly and grow random limbs, with records showing anywhere from 0-10 arms and legs. They can often be found in small pools of still water, absorbing nutrients through their skin.

#036 Darunian

Darunians were cursed by the elder gods to live forever in an observer plane, unable to be seen by or communicate with anything else on the planet. Their memory was also affected by the curse, which resulted in a long, imperfect memory that perpetually causes them debilitating grief from trying to differentiate what has really happened to the world versus what they have only imagined. It's said that the first darunians were a legendary band of adventurers with great hubris that found themselves face to face with a jealous god who transformed them into the furry creatures they are now — and forever will be.

#150 Toomel

Toomels are small worm-like creatures that live just below the surface of the earth. They enjoy tunneling through the ground but prefer to stay close to the surface. When it rains, toomels will emerge from the ground and spend time on the surface to avoid drowning. During this time, they're particularly vulnerable to predators because they have no effective defense mechanisms other than shifting their spherical body segments into other configurations.

#218 Sihzzh

A sihzzh is an aquatic creature with a variety of strange habits related to constantly shedding its hardened skin. They usually live in large lakes or in the briny depths of the ocean, where they prowl the water in an almost never-ending search for food. Sihzzh are not social creatures and will easily fight to the death over a single fish. Luckily, even when a sihzzh is hurt, it can heal quickly by exposing its wounds to the sun; after a few hours, all injuries will be completely mended, and the sihzzh will go back to hunting.

#235 Worgant

Worgants are a species of small were-ants that live in packs in the northern forests. They have a symbiotic relationship with the betzkra woodpeckers, who make holes in the bark of trees to get at grubs and other insects, which worgants then turn into thriving nests. For a brief time after a worgant death, a small, white flower can be seen sprouting from their carcass.

#251 Gorgolasa

Gorgolasas are giant carnivorous spiders with very sensitive eyes and hearing. They have a speed and agility comparable to that of a human, and they will often hunt in packs to bring down larger creatures. Despite their ferociousness, when humans have tried to domesticate them, they have proven to be extremely loyal and affectionate, often attempting to cuddle and nuzzle their masters when they get the chance. Gorgolasas produce a fine silk that is both strong and light.

#293 Qaral

The qaral is a species of small tree rodent that originated from the forests of the planet Kan. They are about the size of a peanut and look very similar to small mice, but they lack a tail and have short quills instead of hair. Qarals spend most of their time hopping from branch to branch in the trees and eating insects or small animals. Qarals do not have any vocal organs, so they communicate by making small hops in order to send vibrations through the air. Qarals are very social creatures and will form large groups, sometimes numbering in the hundreds. They are also capable of forming close bonds with other creatures and seem to make friends for life.

#290 Borkar

The borkar is a small creature that is a distant relative of canines. It is primarily nocturnal, and will often roam around in the dark on its back legs, carrying its food in its front claws. Due to its razor-sharp claws, it is a very fast runner and can climb most obstacles as easily as running along the ground. Like its canine cousins, it is a pack animal and coexists with other borkars peacefully. Borkar often wander into human settlements and live on the streets, only coming out at night to scavenge through trash for food.

#348 Krystalloise

This burrowing reptile calls home to deep, underground caverns. Krystalloise lack the typical claws found on other diggers, but are still capable of digging through softer grounds using a mixture of shovel-like fins and incredible strength; however, they often just live within natural caverns or those hollowed out by other creatures. Their dense, crystallized body makes them incredibly resilient to natural predators, but also makes them a high-value hunting target from humans who use their shells in jewelry. Krystalloise can often be found licking rocks and stalagmites for minerals, which their body converts to energy and sustenance.

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