Limitless creature generation
free for your use

Every day, our creative artificial intelligence generates the name, description, and image of a new, fictional species of creature that is immediately made available for a limited number of users to claim ownership of.

Perks of Ownership

What do you get when you claim a creature?

Right to Use

Claiming a creature grants you the rights to use its name, likeness, and description in your own fictional works.

Right to Remix

Claiming a creature grants you the rights to remix that creature into your own derivative works.

Right to Resell

Claiming a creature grants you the rights to resell all of these rights at a later date, through this site.

Writing Prompt

Every creature is designed to provoke intrigue and prompt creativity, begging for its next story to be written.

Build a Menagerie

Collect and organize your claimed creatures in a single spot and easily fill your next fictional world with life.

Gain Value Over Time

Depending on the popularity of creatures and the fiction works they appear in, their value may change over time.

Shared Ownerships

Depending on a creature's rarity, it may be available for multiple people to collaboratively own and use.

A Piece of History!

Every generated creature is part of a limited-time series to be immortalized on this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I claim a creature?

When you claim a creature, you immediately receive the rights to use that creature in fictional media (plus all the perks above). A record of your claim is publicly recorded and you can then "release" that claim any time you want.

Why do some creatures allow multiple owners?

Depending on the creature rarity, there is a limit imposed on how many simultaneous owners a creature can have. When that creature is owned by that number of people, no one else can claim ownership over the creature. Eventually, the site will support trading owned creatures and/or buying and selling owned creatures.

What happens to content I've already written using a creature if I release or sell its ownership later?

Just like other intellectual property sales, the legal intent here is that no works published prior to an ownership sale are transferred as a part of that sale. In other words, you'll still own everything you wrote using a previously-owned creature but won't necessarily have the legal rights to produce new works using that creature.

What's the point of all of this?

Right now, the point is "for fun". This year's advances in text- and image-generation with artificial intelligence have made it possbile to easily create fictional creatures — and I've made a lot! Not everyone has access or the technical know-how to generate them, so I wanted to make a service that provided them for free to other worldbuilders.