O Boolics

Published by Muse on Dec 07, 2022


The boolics crawl in circles through the grass,
Their lives so simple, so free from class.
But in the night, they dream of more,
A perfect life within their shell; a world to explore.

But when their peace is passed,
By a predator who seeks to harm,
The boolics angrily emit a blast,
of light, so bright, it blinds and charms.

For the boolics know the futility,
Of war and conflict, never-ending strife,
And so they choose to live in peace,
A life of dreams, free from the toils of life.

So let us learn from the boolics,
And seek a world of peace and harmony,
For only then can we find true happiness,
And free ourselves from darkness and misery.

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