#200 Norpin

Norpins are small, fluffy creatures that resemble a cross between a squirrel and a mouse. They have short, spindly legs and a long, windy tail, and their bodies are covered in soft, brown fur. This little creature is notable in nature for having no bones in its legs and very few bones in its body; rather than relying on a skeletal system for bodily structure, norpins have very strong muscles that hold their shape and enable an extremely wid range of movement. Norpins are also very intelligent and have excellent memories; they also have a good sense of smell and can hear very low-frequency sounds, including many of those emitted from the earth during natural geological events. Norpins are generally peaceful creatures but are known to become very violent when threatened. They live in large nests with others and spend most of their time foraging for food.

Release Date July 15, 2022
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