#366 Hastdre

In the furthest reaches of the coldest tundras where visibility reaches near-zero with even your hand right in front of your face, the mechabionic hastdre dominate the area with metallic skin and no need to eat. These hastdre are able to sustain themselves with solar energy, absorbing sunlight through their fiber-optic mane and converting it into energy. Even when intense blizzards block out the sun for days or weeks at a time, hastre will enter a low-energy hibernation mode until their power source is accessible again.

Hastdre are highly intelligent creatures, able to communicate with each other through electronic signals and even able to hack into electronic systems or each other. They are fiercely territorial, protecting their territory with advanced weapons systems built into their bodies. They are also known to be quite aggressive, attacking any intruders on sight.

Despite their metallic exterior, hastdre are not immune to injury and must occasionally repair themselves. They have the ability to regenerate lost limbs and repair damaged areas by consuming metal and other materials to rebuild their bodies.

While the hastdre are primarily solitary creatures, they do form small groups or "packs" during mating season. These groups can consist of up to 10 individuals, and the dominant hastdre will be in charge of defending the territory and leading the pack. The mating process for hastdre is quite elaborate, involving elaborate courtship rituals and displays of strength and intelligence.

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Release Date December 28, 2022
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