#164 Finishi

The fabled finishi bird is most notable for its "perfect" camouflage as no living finishi has ever been sighted, even in areas estimated to be completely overrun by them based on the number of finishi carcasses found daily, such as in the titular Finishi Forest.

Some small cult followings believe the finishi bird is a living embodiment of the forests they dwell in, while others see them taking a more active role as the guardian or protector of their forest. However, most are skeptical that these birds are anything more than just camouflage experts living a typical aviary life. There is also a prevailing belief among some regions that finishi don't exist at all, and that the carcasses found were simply crafted by those who "found" them, or planted there by nearby towns looking for increased tourism.

Although no one is certain about what finishi birds are, where they came from, what they eat, or how they live, they are certainly birds that have swept the intrigue of the world by storm: cash prizes for sighting or live captures of finishi birds are prevalent and extremely lucrative... if possible.

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Release Date June 09, 2022
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