#132 Aeldatyr

Aeldatyr scales are golden and shiny, and imbued with powerful magic that allows them to create lightning. They grow to be very large, roughly the size of an elephant, and their scales are capable of reflecting sunlight, which makes them appear almost as if they are on fire when exposed to direct sunlight. Aeldatyrs are a feared predator, feeding primarily on large prey such as sheep, cows, horses, and humans. It is capable of eating almost anything it can get its teeth into.

Aeldatyrs live in the shallow underground, in caves and tunnels that they have made with their claws. They are not very social creatures, preferring solitude over companionship. They emerge for adventure and sport as often as they do for food.

The Aeldatyr is a highly intelligent creature that can speak many languages and understand human speech. It is a very curious creature and will often spend long periods of time observing humans.

Release Date May 08, 2022
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