#367 Skalve

The skalve is a creature shrouded in legend and mystery, revered by many as a deity in the desert yet hated by others less favored. Its powerful and majestic presence is said to radiate a divine energy, and its sharp senses and unparalleled tracking abilities have led some to believe that it has a connection to the spiritual world.

Skalves have a rough, sandy coat that helps them blend in with the desert and protects them from the harsh desert sun. A skalve's powerful legs allow it to traverse the dunes with ease, and its sharp claws enable it to dig for underground sources of water and food.

Despite its rugged appearance, the skalve is actually quite intelligent and has been known to form close bonds with its human companions and their descendants. They are highly loyal and protective, making them valuable assets to any who respect the desert.

A skalve's diet consists primarily of small rodents and lizards, but they are also known to scavenge for scraps and other sources of nourishment. They are able to go for long periods of time without water, thanks to their ability to extract moisture from the plants and insects they consume. This water is stored in bulbous sacs on the skalve's neck.

In addition to their practical uses, skalves are also prized for their beauty. Their sandy coats shimmer in the sunlight, and their bright, expressive eyes seem to glow with a mysterious inner light. It is no wonder that the skalve has become such a religious figure in many desert communities.

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Release Date December 29, 2022
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