#170 Hevvet

Hevvets are intelligent, house-sized horse-like creatures that frequent the snowy tundras and far north. Hevvets were historically unfriendly creatures—aggressively attacking anyone near their homogenous cities—until a large war broke out in the region that divided up the land among the victors. Nowadays, most hevvets have integrated into human societies and the few historically-hevvet cities left might as well be human societies now, given that hevvets account for less than 1% of the population in even the densest city. It is said that there are groups of traditional hevvets still living in caves and the wilderness, scheming and plotting a golden new age for their dying race. There are rumors that a single purely-hevvet town still exists somewhere called the "Warden".

Found in
Release Date June 15, 2022
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