#108 Nulstiver

Nulstivers are large, werecreatures that are native to ancient tundra wastelands. They are generally quite docile and tend to move extremely slowly unless provoked. Despite being quite fearsome in appearance, they are typically quite friendly, often bringing the young children of nearby villages any inedible trinkets they find in the wild. Nulstivers tend to live in large groups, with a single alpha male and female leading the pack. Each nulstiver is responsible for helping raise the young of the pack in a similar way to a wolf pack or a pride of lions. While other types of werecreatures are typically solitary hunters, nulstivers will usually work together to catch large prey animals. The two most prominent features of a nulstiver are their jaws, which are lined with sharp teeth, and their thick, bony, shield-like scales that cover the top of their head and the majority of their back.

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Release Date April 14, 2022
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by NovelGens

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