#345 Phang'ul

The feline-like phang'ul are a solitary, nomadic race that roams the lands in search of prey. They are known for their sleek, muscular build and their piercing, intelligent eyes. Their thick, luxurious fur comes in a range of colors, from deep blacks and browns to vibrant oranges and blues.

In terms of behavior, phang'ul are skilled hunters and highly intelligent, with a natural aptitude for strategy and tactics. They are also fiercely independent, preferring to roam the lands on their own rather than live in communities.

When it comes to reproduction, phang'ul have a unique mating ritual in which the male must prove his worth to the female by completing a series of abstract challenges. If he succeeds, the female will allow him to mate with her, after which she will give birth to a litter of up to four cubs.

The phang'ul have a strict hierarchy within their society, with the strongest and most intelligent individuals rising to the top. They are also known for their strong magical abilities, which they use to protect themselves from predators and to enhance their hunting skills.

Despite their solitary nature, phang'ul are not completely isolated from other races. They have been known to form temporary alliances with other creatures, particularly when faced with a common enemy. They are also skilled traders, and are often sought out by other races for their stockpiles of food and other resources.

Release Date December 07, 2022
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