#365 Pin-yoch

Pin-yoch are microscopic organisms that manifest and control hordes of large, humanoid spirits that can leap up to 100 feet in the air. Pin-yoch use these ethereal puppets to gather resources and defend themselves against predators, but also to enjoy themselves through the art of dance. Pin-yoch are best capable of manipulating the physical world through their spirits, using them to move objects and even create complex structures and reusable tools.

Pin-yoch communicate with each other through a series of clicks and chirps, which are repllicated and amplified through their puppet spirits. These sounds are inaudible to the human ear, but can be picked up by other pin-yoch within a mile radius. The puppet spirits are also able to mimic the sounds and movements of other creatures, which helps the pin-yoch gather information or avoid danger by manipulating would-be predators.

Pin-yoch are difficult to study as they are so small and elusive, but scientists believe they have a complex reproductive system that involves the merging of multiple pin-yoch to create a new organism. This process is still not fully understood and is a subject of much research and speculation.

Overall, pin-yoch are fascinating creatures that continue to intrigue scientists and mystics alike with their unique abilities and behaviors.

Release Date December 27, 2022
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