#296 Jaxilith

Jaxilives are large shapeshifters that appear as a swarm of blue flies when dormant. When a jaxilith is threatened, it will transform into a larger worm-like creature. This njaxilith form is covered in sharp red scales and flies with a small set of translucent wings that emit a small amount of blue light. Jaxilith temperament is short and aggressive, quickly swarming and overwhelming any potential threats to their home. Nowadays, the remaining jaxilives are said to live in underground caverns, where they indiscriminately prey on anything that isn't blue.

Experimental testing of a severed jaxilith lens revealed that blue is actually the one color this small shapeshifter can't physically see.

Some cultures have historically dissolved ground Kjaxilith scales into teas as a precursory version of antidepressants.

Although the jaxilith presents itself as a swarm of flies while dormant, it's still only a single decentralized organism — and just as lonely.

Found in
Release Date October 19, 2022
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