#363 Wrappit

Meet the wrappit! These mischievous creatures are often found traveling by hitching rides on discarded wrapping paper or nestled inside gifts. With their small, gremlin-like bodies and scruffy fur, wrappits are sure to make a memorable impression to those who least expect them.

Although they may look cute and cuddly, wrappits are known for their love of chaos and mischief. They have a particular fondness for shredding paper, whether it's the wrapping paper from a present or important documents left lying around. They particularly like paper that has been written on, and even moreso like paper which contains written fiction or worldbuilding.

One fun detail about wrappits is their love of practical jokes. They have been known to hide in cupboards and jump out to surprise unsuspecting passersby, to switch the contents of gift boxes, to steal cookies and other treats, or to rearrange decorations in the dead of night.

As for their diet, wrappits are known to munch on bits of paper and ribbon with their cookies, as well as the occasional piece of fruit or veggie. They have a particular fondness for pine cones and holly berries.

But don't let their mischievous nature fool you — wrappits are also fiercely loyal friends. They have a special bond with those who show them kindness and respect, and will go out of their way to bring joy and laughter to their human companions.

Release Date December 25, 2022
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